Your guide to sun protection using various brand of sunscreen like MD Skincare, Neutrogena, and Kiehl's

Sun Hats, Sunglasses, Sunscreen. All of the ways I like to keep my skin protected from the sun. ☀️ Spending countless hours out by the pool or on the lake can really be damaging to our skin. Now don’t get me wrong I am all about a good sun tan, but protecting my face is my number one rule before getting my tan on! So if you are looking for a some sun protection that won’t break out your skin?.. give these guys a try!

My absolute favorite sunscreen to use on my face is the MD Skincare. I have never had a break out and my skin is so protected by this sunscreen, it’s crazy! Really!.. I honestly can’t think of a time when my face has gotten sun burnt after applying this. It maybe a little pink, but not ever fully sun burnt.

Now as far as drug store bands go, Neutrogena is they way to go. I love that they have the option for face and body. I have used both over the summer and they have both worked wonderfully!

Lastly is Kiehl’s. This was one of those brands that I wanted to try out so bad because I have heard so many people talk about it! Well.. I have to be honest, it wasn’t all that great. Yes, it did it’s job as sunscreen and protected my skin, but I just wasn’t a huge fan of it.

At the end of the day, the MD skincare might be a little it more pricey, but it’s totally worth it when it come to protecting your face from the sun. However you might not want to spend that or you are in a hurry and need to pick some sunscreen up at the drug store. Hands down, all day long the Neutrogena sunscreen!

Enjoy your days outside and stay protected!