Can y’all believe it’s here!.. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is HERE! I just want to give you a quick run down of how it all works. However if you are a regular at this, then please skip this part and get straight to the good stuff! SHOPPING!

First and foremost today is the first day of the sale. It is open to anyone who is a card holder, now is you are not a card holder, no worries you can go to Nordstrom and sign up for one right now! This way you get early access. If this is something you don’t want to do, totally understand. You will just have to wait until July 20th to be able to shop the sale. While many items will sale out, have not fear Nordstrom typically will re-stock some items, and they will be continuously be adding new product to the sale! Its amazing, but oh so dangerous. haha!

Before I get you off shopping I wanted to also let you know of a few tips that I use to shop the sale and of some new shopping areas that I have added to the blog. In hopes to make your shopping experience much easier! When it comes to shopping the sale, use the categories. It is much easier to process everything and really find what you are looking for. Rather then shopping the general sale tab, that is so overwhelming! Next don’t hesitate. If it’s something you are on the fence about, get it! You can always return it if you regret it. hah! Shop as early as you can. Even if you are not a card holder, go check everything out this way you are ready to go with no questions by the time the sale opens up to everyone.

Grab items that you need first, like a good winter coat or a new good pair of skinnies. Trust me this is the time! Then go for the more trend forward items. Okay as far as shopping the sale through the blog goes, and please do! I am always here to help! You will find at the top of the blog a new shopping page that is designated just for the Nordstrom Sale! Under the Nordstrom Sale tab you will see all different categories to shop. Back on the home page you will find on the right hand side a slider that has some of my favorite picks from the Nordstrom Sale that are all under $100!

One more thing before you start shopping that I just have to say! hah! Now I know every blogger, her mother, and her dog are talking about the sale. I know it can be a bit much, but I want you to know that I will do my best to not completely wear you out over it. I can tell you that I truly mean it form the bottom of my heart when I say that I just don’t want you to miss out on this sale! It really is AMAZING! Thank you all so much for following along I hope you enjoy the sale!

Enough chat! Let’s get shopping! Be sure to check back to the blog as I will continuously be updating the shopping pages!



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