Calling all beauty lovers! There are so many different beauty products out there, but one that I am sure we all use is concealer. Concealer is my jam! hah! It is always packaged to be so small making it easy to take with you anywhere, so why not use it for more then just covering up your bumps or dark circles. (I like call pimples “bumps” is just sounds a lot nicer to me. hah!) With  compliments of Maybelline here are 5 of my favorite concealer hacks. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

1. Creating a tinted moisturizer with Concealer. Summer is here and you don’t always want to have on a full face, but if your like me and like to have on a little somethin’ somethin’ so you don’t scare those around you.. haha? apply a little tinted moisturizer. I mixed Maybelline MasterConcealer and some Laneige Water Bank Serum to get a thin but covered layer on your skin.

2. It’s a reality friends… we get bumps. It stinks, but thanks to Maybelline’s FitMe! Concealer you can cover those babies up and watch them disappear! Take that bumps!.. hah!

3. Dark circles.. there are real pretty aren’t they! hah! I get them so bad I’ll admit it. No lie y’all this Instant Age Rewind is amazing! It’s so easy to apply and it works wonders. haha! Apply in and upside down triangle under your eye to erase those dark circles. You can also buy this Instant Age Rewind in a lighter shade and use it for contouring!

4. Now that we have covered our skin, lets highlight! Take the Dream Lumi apply down the center of your nose and up through the middle of your eyes. Just blend.

Okay now this hack that I am about to tell you and the tinted moisturizer would be my favorite concealer hacks. Still using the Dream Lumi ( in a shade lighter then your skin tone) apply this under your browline. Blend this in and just like that brows are more defined and lifted!

5. Lastly use the Master Camo Color Correcting Kit to illuminate your cheek bones!