Confession!… I am a procrastinator! hah! Anyone else out there that wait till the last minute to do all of there Christmas Shopping? There are those rare moments however when waiting till the last minute pays off. One of those moments is right now! So many items are currently one sale! So I wanted to share with you a few last minute shopping ideas to hopefully get your holiday shopping completed.


1. The lounge wear! This is an area of clothing that we all love!.. Am I right? However it’s an area we don’t always want to spend our personal money on. So you can’t go with getting your loved one a new pair of sleepers and robe! Make the robe extra special by adding a monogram. Of course you have your matching PJ sets that I love and always want, but once again never want to spend my own money on.


2. A classic tote. For all the men out there… your lady can never have to many totes! hah! We use them and abuse them so it don’t hurt to go ahead and get her a new one!


3.Beauty products. Don’t over think it. Figure out what products she uses and love, then simply re-stock her! Her perfume, favorite lip scrub, mascara, face wash… the options are endless when it comes to a woman’s vanity cabinet. hah!


4.Ear buds (head phones). I am not sure what you call them but I like to refer to them as ear buds. hah! Let’s upgrade them! Man or Woman ear buds will be put to good use.


5. Sneakers. I always like to go the sneaker route because this can work for either sex. Also side note: Kagen and  I both love sneakers so we always tend to buy a new pair for each other. haha! You have so many different types of sneakers out there… running, weight training, athleisure, or trending sneakers. The list goes on and on! Ps. I am crushing hard on the gold goose sneakers! Anyone else put these cuties on there wishlist?


6.Sweaters, hats, scarfs. It’s just that time of year!


7. A classic coat. It’s one of those timeless items I love to give, and to get! haha! 🤣 Need I say much more, it will last them years and years to come!


I hope this will help with your last minute shopping! Don’t feel like your the only one out there doing it, I am right there with you!