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For this months lip post I wanted to share with you all a brand that I am totally crushing on! Have you tried Marc Jacobs lip wear?! Y’all… Let me just tell you how and why I stumbled upon this amazing lip line. I was recent on the hunt for a fun new lip color! I wanted something that would put me out of my comfort zone, but not too far out. haha! It is spring time after all so why not get a vibrant lip color!

That’s when I found the Marc Jacobs lip collection. All the lipsticks were lined up so perfectly and I found myself swooning over the vivd colors! Yeah.. I was crushing hard. hah! After trying on sever different colors I found the one that stole my heart, So Sofia. It’s not only the perfect color for the season, but it is long lasting! It stays on all day. I am not kidding Marc Jacobs lip wear is the real deal! ha! So of course after trying this, no smudge, long lasting, kissable lipstick I had to go back for more. I knew I was in love with this lipstick so I thought… Why not try a different lip product and see if can hold a candle up to my So Sofia.

Marc Jacobs did it again! The liquid lipstick is equally amazing! I got this is a more everyday color, Slow Burn. A bonus factor from the liquid lipstick is that it is hydrating, and they make matching lip liners to most of the liquid lipsticks. However, I didn’t get the matching liner I went with the invisible liner. This way I can use it for both lip products. Lastly, this is not a sponsored post… Let’s be real, I am not that cool! hah! This is all my own opinion. I have truly fallen in love with this lipstick brand and I can’t wait it get my hands on more Marc Jacobs beauty products! Now go try some out and let me know what you think! I hope you love it as much as I do!


Post with So Sofia: Pretty in Pink

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Lipstick: So Sofia / Liquid Lipstick: Slow Burn / Lip Liner: InvisibleĀ 

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