beingbe sharing 3 tips to becoming a new homeowner, with Orkin Pest Control

As y’all know Kagen and I are finally getting settled into our new home! It has been so much fun and very exciting, but there are many different things I didn’t think about when becoming a new homeowner. In hopes to better prepare you I wanted to share with you 3 tips to becoming a new homeowner! Please note that my tips are coming from being a new homeowner, that built there home and it’s in a new development.

This post is brought to you by Orkin Pest Control. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

1. We live in a state of always needing internet!… I know you do too! haha! Something Kagen and I did not think about, and it was the biggest headache to deal with, is internet. It seems so silly right… well not when you are in a new development. You would have thought we built on another planet! So my advice to you is, if you are moving into a new development call about 30 days prior to your move in date to start working on getting your internet. Trust me!… This way when you move-in you, you can get back to business.

beingbe sharing 3 tips to becoming a new homeowner, with Orkin Pest Control

beingbe sharing 3 tips to becoming a new homeowner, with Orkin Pest Control

2. Orkin Pest Control. I will admit I did not think about pest control. I mean, it’s a new home there are no bugs in here! lol Wishful thinking! Side note.. Did you know certain bugs are actually attracted to new construction! That’s my whole house! Ekk! Thanks to Orkin Pest Control, I can wipe away those fears of unwanted house guests. Pest can really invade your home causing more damage than we could imagine. They maybe tiny, but they are sneaky little guys! It is so important to get your home inspected and treated for pests! It helps of course in that moment, but it really helps in the long run to protect your new home.

There are many different perks to Orkin Pest Control, but one that really hit home with me is how extremely pet friendly they are! Let’s be real… Lexi runs our house hold so when I discovered how pet friendly Orkin is, I was in! They don’t just protect your home from pests, like roaches, spiders and ants, but they are also protecting our beloved furry friends in the process. Plus, the gentleman that came to my home was very sweet to Lexi.

beingbe sharing 3 tips to becoming a new homeowner, with Orkin Pest Control beingbe sharing 3 tips to becoming a new homeowner, with Orkin Pest Control

With all of that being said, my advice to you is call your local Orkin Pest Control branch for a free quote. They will walk you through the process and give you all the information you need to know in order to protect your new home! Protect and invest in your new home! Kagen and I chose to sign up for an every other month Pest Control service where Orkin, will come out to our home and treat it accordingly. It’s a great feeling knowing our home is being safeguarded by Orkin Pest Control. ps. If you are a new homeowner in the DFW area ask for Rocky, he was awesome! For more tips on how you can keep your new home safe, or more information about Orkin Pest Control click here.

3. Research your electricity carriers. Many times the neighborhood will suggest the carrier to use, but guess what, you don’t have to use them! We learned this the hard way. They were double the price of what we have now. It’s a pain but my advice is call around and do your research.

I hope these tips to becoming a new homeowner will help you in your homeowner journey!

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